MLFR’s VIEW ON THE ACTIVE AGING AND SOLIDARITY BETWEEN GENERATIONS In June 2007, the Grand Master of GOdF, Jean-Michel Quillardet, President of the Council of the Order and members of the Council launched an invitation to the First International Masonic Reunion, with a theme enhancing "The Construction of Europe, the Construction of the World."

In Istanbul 2009, it was the Liberal Grand Lodge of Turkey who invited us for a debate on the topic of "Cultural interaction and understanding from the perspective of Universal Peace."
A year later in Lisbon, we met to discuss on the Republican values.
And in Riga in 2011, we focused our attention on "Secular Spirituality".

Given the fact that at this time the main objective of our countries is precisely the primary theme of these meetings "The Construction of Europe, the Construction of the World," we ask ourselves if we can build a WORLD without a free thinking, including here, as part of the European construction process the Active Aging and also the Solidarity among all generations. Can we build that "better" world in which we can unite everybody without a "free thinking", without solidarity within all generations, without a better understanding of the fast aging process in Europe and in our Order?

Because of this the Feminine Grand Lodge of Romania (MLFR) has the opportunity not only of understanding EU’s needs, but also to organise the 6th edition of the International Masonic Reunion together with the Grand Orient of France and to try to discuss both the evolution of free thinking and the fast aging process and solidarity after a century marked by bloody dictatorships, not only in Easter Europe, but also in Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

"The evolution of free thinking in the countries which have suffered from the last century’s dictatorships", will be the main theme of this year’s conference. But together with the Foundation SCR renown in Romania for its charity and for supporting the elderly and youth social categories, we want to transform the conference into a public debate during a session of open discussions starting with RMI 2012 and continuing with other debates in June, September and December.

Both MLFR and SCR Foundation are having talks with other Romanian NGO’s on organizing those open debates. Our main goal is to raise awareness among youth and Romanian citizens through dialog with representatives of youth NGO’s and to reach the desired conclusion which is: "understanding elder people, the youth understands the importance of their role in history, in society and in economy".

European Freemasonry, mainly, knows very well the positive and negative aspects of the average age raised in the past 20 years (1990-2010). However, our Order is aware of both the negative aspects, an especially the positive aspects of this ageing process affecting our continent and especially EU.

The "European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations" fits Freemasonry’s role of round table and of open speaker, but a speaker affected itself by this process. Freemasonry, as the European society, needs to understand not only the importance of the critical aging process, but also what will be the role of persons between theirs 60’s and 80’s. The active aging process means taking advantage of the experience of living in various historical contexts such as: dictatorships in Western and Eastern Europe and those from other Continents. Youth should and will understand the need of getting involved into our community’s affairs all of those retiring or already retired.
Enhancing this, we also understand that by having them involved we are not loosing their experience nor their desire of feeling used in a positive way. In a society where the number of older people is increasing, active ageing is essential in order to maintain solidarity between generations. Freemasonry wants to join EU’s effort to sensitize society on all these aspects, and one of the solutions to this problem is "free thinking".

We would like to emphasize the importance of free thinking and free communication both in the ageing process, solidarity between generations and in Freemasonry, these being the first steps in reducing the conflict between generations and raising awareness about the active aging process.

MLFR Grand Master (President of the Association)
RMI 2012 Executive Director
FSCR Vice-President